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  • Ciao, mi chiamo Davide e con (nois3lab) abbiamo deciso che era tempo per dare una casa a tutti gli utilizzatori di inkscape, qui potete vedere i lavori di altri artisti ed inserire i vostri, basta che vi iscriviate. Il sito è anche in inglese, quindi se potete create le traduzioni dei post che lascerete. Buon divertimento.

This is our collection of tutorials you may find on the net. Our choiche was not to embed tutorials in inkscape gallery cause it's mostly a gallery website collecting inkscape made drawings, nevertheless we wanted to provide links to useful resources on the net.
Obviously this is not a complete list, we'll keep linking some new good tutorial, so stay tuned with the inkscape gallery tutorials section!.



This is an anime tutorials if you're going to design a cartoon follow this!



Do you know how to draw a star with inkscape? Yes, we guess...but this is made with style...you decide



This is a featured tutorial, 2.0 buttons with inkscape....you need to read it, thanksto heathenx!



You don't want to miss this, nothing more 2.0 consistent, using reflections with inkscape!