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who did this? Why? Find the answers here
951095 hours 18 min ago
by yuanfanged
Did you find something wrong in the site?Tell us and we'll try to fix
1291485 hours 17 min ago
by yuanfanged
Yeah, we want to know what you think about the site, if you like or if you don't, if you find it useful or not, if you find it to be easy but powerful or complicated and poor.
961021 day 23 min ago
by louisvuitton10
Do you have ideas about improving this site? We'd like to know them and we'll try to realize them...
55655 hours 18 min ago
by yuanfanged
Are you a web-designer, a graphic worker, a php developer?obviously we need help to maintain this site alive and responsive to the needs of their users. We'll be happy if you consider to make your own part. Thanks
34435 days 22 hours ago
by Muzillac
What about the differences between versions, distributions
35419 hours 59 min ago
by xmhzmy
Do you know something about inkscape and you want to share with the users?
26275 days 3 hours ago
by xmhzmy
Even if there's a section in this site prviding links to inkscape tutorials if you know any other we didn't consider tell us, we'll add the best ones in the site.
222215 hours 57 min ago
by wailian01
Is something happening about inkcape on the net or elsewhere?Try to find it here.
41412 days 5 hours ago
by wailian01
Printing with inkscape, hard. But this will change and even il inkscape doesn't have CMYK support we can use it to make good prints.
212710 hours 59 min ago
by Scorpio1987
Maybe there's not a war between them, but different choices make deiiferent graphics. Discuss about that.
31315 hours 17 min ago
by yuanfanged
THe best agencies working with graphics. We'd like to consider the open-source agencies first...
27275 hours 54 min ago
by kathy engels
Which is the best?Hard to tell, but try to do this in this forum discussion.
37405 hours 56 min ago
by kathy engels
The best software to do modellation and CG animation.
18184 hours 38 min ago
by redink
The most important software for raster graphic in the open-source environment.
882 weeks 6 days ago
by Muzillac
You will need a desktop publisher, does scribus satisfy your needs?
333 weeks 4 days ago
by earjerseyqq3
A commercial software released under an open-source license, do you use it?
444 weeks 5 days ago
by jakk