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  • Hello!Welcome to the inkscape gallery web-site, i'm davide and with my company called nois3lab decided to bring back to the community what it gave to us, great software and beatiful workflow. So, that's it, use it, join us, post your work and link us


zenox's picture

Yesterday I was very inspired,and the result is this futuristic shape.It was my practice to create nice and realistic forms.And really I don't know what it is,but looks awesome.Maybe it is some kind of futuristic swoosh or something.Anyway I hope so this will inspire you,and move your creative boundaries further.With blur and transparency effects you can get nice and soft shadows and reflections.Enjoy

futuristic shapes.png




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Zelus et Radix's picture

My first work in Inkscape. Pretty simple. I thank in advance to everybody who want to use and improve this work anyway they want. God bless you.

Mi primer trabajo en Inkscape. Bastante simple. Agradezco de antemano a todos aquellos que quieran usar y mejorar este trabajo como lo deseen. Dios los bendiga.



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