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  • Hello!Welcome to the inkscape gallery web-site, i'm davide and with my company called nois3lab decided to bring back to the community what it gave to us, great software and beatiful workflow. So, that's it, use it, join us, post your work and link us

Quaderni di rassegna sindacale

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This is the design of the "quaderni di rassegna sindacale" website. It is one the magazines being published by the italian publisher house called "Ediesse". The website is inside the Ediesse's portal, it was designed using inkscape as for the entire portal by nois3lab.



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Submitted by john100998 on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 11:51.

Hello Maarten, did you

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Hello Maarten,
did you forget that we're "officially" online now? SmilingYou published E20-322 his in the test ccna certification vironment...and i had to move to the production website!Maarten why not to add your avatar to your 000-081 profile? We added this feature in the past days and i think is working fine, giving more visiblity to every user!And you're receiving this message with an JN0-331 e-mail... that is another added feature, hope that you like it.
See you

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