Some newbie help/advice?

Submitted by Ken Saunders on Fri, 05/14/2010 - 01:29.

Some newbie help/advice?

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I've been using Inkscape for a few years now but at limited use (editing, converting SVG's etc) but now I'm trying to get into more.

I have two simple questions that I'm hoping one of you vets can help me with.

1) Is there a way to batch extract individual elements in an SVG? Perhaps a script?
For example, I have an SVG containing 30 or so individual icons, and I'd like to save each one of them as individual SVG's (and perhaps PNG's) but without having to select and save each one manually. Sometimes SVG's like the one that I'm talking about really slows done my machine, and also, with them being individual ones, I can organize and categorize them better.

2) What is recommended for an SVG viewer for viewing multiple SVG's in a folder?
All that I'm aware of is to select Open in Inkscape, browse to the folder, and then use the preview window. It isn't too practical. My other option/method is to load a folder in Firefox and open each SVG in a new tab, again, not too practical.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on either question.

By the way, I'm using Inkscape on (yuk, cak) Vista.
One of the reasons why I'm trying to get more familiar with Inkscape is that I'll be leaving some of my favorite graphics behind when I finally move to Fedora. I'm not a major fan of Gimp, but it looks like I'll have to get used to that one. Inkscape I don't mind.

Thanks for your time.

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