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  • Hello!Welcome to the exness inkscape gallery web-site, i'm davide and with my company called nois3lab decided to bring back to the community what it gave to us, great software and beatiful workflow. So, that's it, use it, join us, post your work and link us

Where to get inkscape?

We suggest you to visit the inkscape official site cause it's a good starting point full of resources and documentation.
The web-address is this:

Inkscape is available for GNU/Linux, windows and Macintosh, it's an open-source software and it is free too.

To download the exness thailand GNU/Linux versionclick here

You can download the sources from here
The package is a tar.gz so you can decompress it using ark or from a terminal ($tar -zxvf ).

windows version .exe binary file is here

windows version in a 7zip compressed file is here

For Macintosh Leopard download it from here

For Macintosh Tiger download it from here

These are links to the exness th latest stable version of inkscape, that is 0.46 but you will find in theofficial site further versions.

Directly in this website we host only the GNU/Linux version that you find here, this is the 0.45.1 version
After the installation procedure you will find inkscape in the menu of your distribution usually in the "graphic" section.

good drawing,
The inskcape gallery team